Our unique set of strengths

Our Platform Investing Approach is realized through a unique set of strengths which contribute to our sustainable long term value creation as a global leading investment firm.

A Long-Term and Evergreen Investor

We are evergreen investors with a long-term investment horizon. JAB’s evergreen capital structure enables us to build better, stronger and future- proof businesses in a healthy and sustainable way, without cannibalizing long-term value creation opportunities to realize short term financial gains. In addition it allows us to unlock value and access growth pools over longer periods of time.

An Ecosystem of Trusted Debt & Equity Partners

We have a unique ecosystem of trusted and high-quality debt and long-term equity partners. Together with our team of trusted capital partners, we are building Investment Platforms with controlling or anchor stakes in global leading businesses which allows us to create global leading blue-chip companies, which are ready for the next generation of consumers and their preferences.

Resilient Categories with Attractive Growth Fundamentals

We invest in categories that have a proven track record of resiliency across the economic cycle, with strong growth momentum and attractive cash flow dynamics.

An Invested Team

We establish Invested & Aligned People and Partnership Networks throughout our firm and our Investment Platforms. Our People & Partnership networks include JAB’s team of Senior Investment and Industry Professionals, CEOs and management teams of our investments and our Global Leading Industry Capital Partners. The strategic strength of JAB’s People and Partnership Networks is established through an aligned set of financial and non- financial interest combined with a regular, informal and hands-on communication flow between all participants in the network.

Proprietary Business Insights

We develop real-time superior business insights across an industry sector by combining data, information and people knowledge from the different investments held within each of the Investment Platform. These superior business insights provide us with a strategic advantage and allow us to establish a more timely and more effective investment approach, based upon real-time market and industry trends, people network, consumer behaviours and technological developments.

Unlocking Synergies

Through our Platform Investment approach, we can achieve levels of synergies that go beyond those that could be realized by each of the individual investments. These synergies are captured by leveraging and scaling the unique opportunities and capabilities of our platform investments. To be competitive on all fronts we focus on both soft and hard synergies including revenue and cost synergies, balance sheet optimization, talent acquisition, knowledge sharing and building of new growth capabilities.

Flexible Exit Strategies

When combining our long-term investment horizon with our decades of investment experience, we recognize that providing future flexibility towards our investors is a critical competitive advantage. Therefore, our Investment Platforms are designed to facilitate flexible exit scenarios, which allows us to minimize exit friction and maximize long-term value creation and flexibility for investors.


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