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JAB Sustainability Policy


JAB is dedicated to having its investments acting in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Through this policy, we commit to an investment management philosophy of working with our investments to address and monitor their material sustainability issues.


JAB incorporates sustainability issues into decision-making and ownership practices across its majority owned portfolio of investments.

In cases where JAB has limited ability to influence, it encourages companies to consider relevant activities covered in the Investment monitoring section of this policy.

Ownership Practice

  • We commit to incorporating sustainability programs / policies on company level
  • We regularly evaluate company sustainability performance based on KPIs and ask management to report to the board at least twice a year
  • Reporting on sustainability progress (external reports)
  • Continuous improvement to our approach

Investment Philosophy and Decision Making

  • Seek to identify material sustainability issues during due dilligence
  • Disclose sustainability issues in the investment decision
  • Seek appropriate disclosures and inform investors (subject to materiality)
  • Monitor progress on portfolio-wide implementation of sustainability programs

JAB commits to tackling inequality by joining G7 Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) coalition powered by the OECD

As part of our ongoing commitment to ESG and sustainability we are excited to participate in the G7 Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) coalition powered by the OECD and sponsored by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The B4IG business coalition is a group of 34 leading international businesses that have committed to stepping up business action to advance human rights throughout their value chains, build inclusive workplaces and strengthen inclusion in their internal and external business ecosystems. In doing so, they will advance G7 government-led efforts to strengthen equality of opportunity, tackle regional disadvantages and fight gender discrimination.

It’s our view that for too long, economic growth has been decoupled from inclusivity and sustainability. That needs to change, and we believe that this initiative will do just that. As a long-term, consumer-focused investment firm, we are proud to sign up to the Business for Inclusive Growth pledge. We recognize that this is a long-term challenge and we commit to putting our passion and energy into ensuring that JAB and our portfolio companies help to bring this to life over time, for the benefit of all.

B4IG members have a global footprint, cover a broad range of sectors, employ more than 3.5 million people around the world and have combined annual revenues of over 1 trillion USD. The B4IG coalition is the first business-led initiative of its kind, thanks to its 360° approach to tackling inequality, international dimension, and multi-stakeholder approach focused on building synergies between companies, governments and philanthropic organizations. The coalition’s strategy rests on three pillars:

  • A Business Pledge Against Inequalities to advance human rights, workplace inclusion & diversity and value chain inclusiveness;
  • An incubator to design or expand new inclusive business models, piloting social innovation and private-public collaboration at the micro-economic level; and
  • An inclusive growth financing forum to promote innovative financing mechanism between business, governments and philanthropic actors.

JAB, Pret a Manger, Panera Bread and Keurig Dr Pepper are formal signatories to the Business Pledge.

Underpinning our Pledge is the view that such engagement is not just good corporate responsibility but rather the future of successful business. Business benefits from more inclusive growth models through a more educated and engaged workforce; a larger middle-class of consumers with greater purchasing power; more stable operating environments; and a high level of trust from employees, consumers, customers and other stakeholders.

ESG - Status Quo

Each of our portfolio companies understands and fully embraces the importance of ESG criteria for its business and all its stakeholders and that it is critical to establish, track and report the most important ESG KPIs in order to measure progress and performance.

However, the status on ESG content and reporting of their initiatives is at different stages. While all companies will have detailed reporting on ESG relevant KPI’s for 2020 (to be published in H1 2021), many of their initiatives go beyond these formal criteria or have long been in place before a formal reporting process has been established. Because while reporting is important, we and our companies believe that doing the right thing is even more important than talking about it.

Existing ESG Reports

ESG KPI's Being Determined in 2020; Report Available For 2020 in H1 2021


Senior Advisor Sustainability and ESG – BERTRAND BADRÉ

In order to provide us and our portfolio companies with an experienced sounding board on ESG related issues and questions, we are proud to announce our co-operation with Mr. Bertrand Badré.

Bertrand Badré is CEO and Founder of Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital. Previously, Bertrand was Managing Director and Group CFO of the World Bank. Prior to that, Bertrand was the group CFO at Société Générale and Crédit Agricole.

Bertrand also served as a member of President Jacques Chirac’s diplomatic team where he was the President’s deputy personal representative for Africa and as spokesman for the working group on new international financial contributions to fight poverty and fund development.

His recent book “Can Finance Save the World?” with forewords by French President Macron and Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was translated in several languages. In 2004, Bertrand authored the book “Water” with Michel Camdessus, on finance and access to water, translated into several languages. He has recently been asked by President Macron to co-lead the One Planet Lab with Lord Nick Stern and Paul Polman, focusing on climate, biodiversity, oceans and finance. Bertrand is a regular writer and speaker on these issues.

Bertrand is a graduate of ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration), SciencesPo (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris), La Sorbonne and HEC business school (Hautes Etudes Commerciales) in Paris.


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